Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thought for the Day

Because this is more of my 'professional' blog, I am more thoughtful about what I blog about and try to ensure that it's directly relevant to personal development, spirituality or whatever.

I've had a couple of ideas kicking about, but haven't got around to writing anything just about yet.

As you may (or may not) be aware, I hang out a lot on my social media. As a medium for keeping in touch with people, it totally rocks. It allows for connections with people I have 'known' for a long time, even if I've never met them.

One thing is for certain: Times are hard all over. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances.

Unfortunately, my magic wand is all waved out. I can't make it better for everyone. I can't give anyone else a happily-ever-after and the Gods know, I would love to be able to.

What I can do is remind you that Times is Tough. Please be gentle with yourself and be gentle with the people around you. And when things happen out of your direct control, be the best friend you can to yourself, let kindness start with you. And if you can...


  1. Simple, and great advice. Who ever thinks of this?

    1. For me, I've found the simplest advice and strategies are usually the most powerful.

      I'm just putting up the stuff I found worked in my own circumstances and hoping it resonates.


  2. Somehow, it's so much easier to be nice to others than it is to yourself. I've been promising myself a solid night's sleep all week. Do you think I'll get it tonight? Fingers crossed!!


    1. Hello my darling. Did you get your good night's sleep?

      It's hard to fall asleep when you've got 101 things going round in it. Maybe a hot bath with some lovely smells before you go to bed?

  3. I completely agree - there's nothing wrong with self-criticism as long as it's balanced and measured. That is, to be honest with oneself and not make excuses for getting things wrong, but then to love and forgive oneself and work out how to put things right if that's possible.

    1. The blog post wasn't so much about internal dialogue, and the harsh ways that people can talk to themselves.

      More it was an invitation for people to say 'yep, it's really shite at the moment' and then to do something really lovely for themselves.

      People are having such a hard time.

      Some times the only thing a person can say is: shit happens. It's no one's fault. It just happens.


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