Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Lighthouse Network

I have been having a long think about being an NLP Practitioner, being a coach/mentor and how that fits into my world view.

The fact of the matter is I have an interesting set of skills and experiences, which means I can guide people towards the life they want. My belief that people can learn different coping strategies, they can change the way they deal with problems, remains unshakable. Can I create a financially sustainable business based on this? No. And truth be known, I don't want to.

It's not that I have anything against money. In fact, I rather like it. Currently, I'm far better spending it, than earning it.

However, the people I enjoy most working with are the people who are starting out on their creative path, or are setting up a small business. I love being around people with vision and who are determined to carve their own niche in the tree. Creative people, who look at life from a totally different perspective and who translate their vision into words or things. People who really can't afford to pay for something as fluffy as a coach/mentor/NLP Practitioner. 

I just don't have the heart to market myself. I really don't. 

There are so many fine NLP Practitioners etc out there, doing brilliant work, I don't think the world needs my half-arsed efforts. My path has changed. I am pursuing my writing and really enjoying it. That's where my energy is going these days.

However, I see so many great people, doing amazing things to change peoples' lives out there, I am going to continue passing their wisdom on. This is still the place where l write about Life, the Universe and Living Well.

I hope you continue to join me here.