Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Lighthouse Network

I have been having a long think about being an NLP Practitioner, being a coach/mentor and how that fits into my world view.

The fact of the matter is I have an interesting set of skills and experiences, which means I can guide people towards the life they want. My belief that people can learn different coping strategies, they can change the way they deal with problems, remains unshakable. Can I create a financially sustainable business based on this? No. And truth be known, I don't want to.

It's not that I have anything against money. In fact, I rather like it. Currently, I'm far better spending it, than earning it.

However, the people I enjoy most working with are the people who are starting out on their creative path, or are setting up a small business. I love being around people with vision and who are determined to carve their own niche in the tree. Creative people, who look at life from a totally different perspective and who translate their vision into words or things. People who really can't afford to pay for something as fluffy as a coach/mentor/NLP Practitioner. 

I just don't have the heart to market myself. I really don't. 

There are so many fine NLP Practitioners etc out there, doing brilliant work, I don't think the world needs my half-arsed efforts. My path has changed. I am pursuing my writing and really enjoying it. That's where my energy is going these days.

However, I see so many great people, doing amazing things to change peoples' lives out there, I am going to continue passing their wisdom on. This is still the place where l write about Life, the Universe and Living Well.

I hope you continue to join me here.


  1. And you sound much happier for changing your direction, which is good to witness.

    1. Hey darling

      It's true. All that anxiety centred around 'I must be doing this...'

      It's all gone.

      Thanks for keeping me company as I get myself together.


  2. [waves at Roses & Miss Scarlet]

  3. Hello dear Roses,

    I haven't commented over here in a while but I did read all of your posts. I've been also kinda busy trying to put all the pieces of my puzzle together. It's a very tiring experience but very gratifying at the same time.

    I'm glad you'll be keeping the lighthouse open and you can count on me for at least saying "Hi" if I can't come up with anything more significant to say! ;)

    I just read an interesting article about a scientific study taht claims DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies. I thought of you while reading it and I think you would enjoy it a lot, Here's the link:

    Looking forward to everything you want to share with us.

    Many blessings from Qu├ębec!

    1. Hey Jon

      How're you doing? You sound really good hon.

      I've heard it said before that DNA can be reprogrammed, I've not read anything and I am slightly wary of where these things come from. But I definitely will have a look, because it sounds really interesting.

      Hugs and hugs to you!


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