Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Delighting in Breath

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

I hate starting a blog post with an apology, but I feel I *ought* to, considering I've been missing in action for a week. So, I'm sorry I've not been about much.

I have been taking some time out from getting my businesses set up, to do some rather fun things with some people rather precious to me. In other words, I've been hanging out with and annoying the crap out of my teenager and my Significant Other. I've had fun cooking great food, walking and napping. Not to mention watching rubbish television, reading the trashy novels I adore and taking the time to breathe.

As I rested and relaxed and enjoyed the company and the silence, I came to the amazing realisation of the many blessings around me. I've been pushing so hard to get things going, to 'do' things, I hadn't taken stock of what I've achieved so far. I haven't stopped to think about the good things I've done, the things I've learnt. It's been good.

Much to do yet. And that's good too.


  1. Taking time out to do fun things has to be good. And so is reflection, if the results are positive ones. Good for you, darling xx

    1. The results of the time off have been positive. I feel less anxious and more certain about what I'm doing.

      I hope you're enjoying Chennai to the absolute max. You certainly deserve the break.


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