Saturday, 11 February 2012


"A beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning." Unknown.

I started blogging in 2006 and wonderful things came out of it: solid friendships with people from around the world. Through blogging I processed some of the most important experiences in my short Life. At 41, I feel there is so much about Life I have yet to discover, so many mysteries to delve into. But there have been two main metaphors which have driven me: the journey and lighthouses. 

This blog is called The Lighthouse Network because of three people in my personal life who I have trusted to always tell me the truth: my best friend, my mentor and my healer. They warn me when I approach dangerous rocks. They inspire me with their wisdom, compassion, humour and candid communication style. They inspire me to become the best person I can be; to discover and follow my values; to walk a Spiritual Path; to delight in Life itself. Because of them, I aspire to a Lighthouse. 

After all, I am the woman your mother warned you about. There really aren't many mistakes I haven't made, but throughout it all, I've learnt and grown. The journey so far has been interesting (in the Chinese sense), but I can honestly say, I'm not bored yet. This isn't a single event, this is a process. And I hope you'll join me and enjoy my journey as much as I do (even the hard and challenging bits).


  1. The hard and challenging bits can be... hard and challenging, but learning from them, embracing them, and growing because of them is what life is truly about, isn't it?

    I love being able to tag along... xoxoxo

  2. This is what I like to see, bloggers coming home!
    I will add you to my blogrol, reader etc when I am on my pc in the morning.

  3. I love the new digs Roses!
    And I'm looking forward to visiting regularly!

  4. ponita ~ I think that's certainly part of what Life's about, that's for sure.

    And I'm so glad for your company.

    ms scarlet ~ thank you my darling. I've missed you too.

    tim ~ Hey honey!

    princess ~ thanks my darling. It's great to be here again, that's for sure.

  5. Hey! It's a blog, Jim ...
    Thank you for coming by and pointing me in this direction, you guiding light you :)

  6. mago ~ welcome my darling. Glad you made through over the wintery seas and sharp rocks.

    Want a cup of coffee?

  7. Of course! With a drop of rum or something, please. Will the other places still exist?

  8. mago ~ a drop of rum sounds like just the thing. Three fingers or four?

    I won't be blogging any more on journeying. But the other will be there. But private.

  9. Jolly good my dear. There is a drink that involves a cube of sugar, a coffee bean and some rum. I forgot the name.
    Wordpress and the new blogger outfit do not work well together, that is why I use the name/URL way to comment.
    The g+ account allowed me to see journeying and the other, but I used it too seldom over the last weeks. I have to change that.

  10. mago ~ as I got my head around blogging, Life and Plans for World Domination I also was remiss in visiting you. I do not chide. I am just glad to see you! xxxx

  11. And you were missed I dare say.

  12. mago ~ come here, give me a hug!


  13. Whee! new blog...! I'll need to reorganise my blog roll!
    But why will blogger not let me follow the site????

  14. YAY! New blog housewarming party!

    Got any Grey Goose?

  15. macy ~ come and give me a hug gurl! {{{Macy}}}. So good to see you here and great to have you back and blogging too! Yep, this year is going to be awesome!

  16. lx ~ you snuck in there honey. No grey goose my darling, got rum though. It's the good stuff. Want anything with it.

  17. mj ~ what's your tipple tonight? Wine, vodka or rum? It's too early to throw all of them in the same glass at the same time.

  18. How did I miss your new blog?? I blame "puppy brain". Anyway, glad to see you're back to your fabulous blogging and I'll be back. xoxoox

    1. "Puppy brain"? LOL

      That and the fact that somehow you've managed to bend time to squeeze in another 48 hours into your day!

      And yep, I'm back. There is also the other one for the 'other' stuff. *wink*


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