Saturday, 18 February 2012

World Book Night 2012

"In the highest civilization, the book is still the highest delight. He who has once known its satisfactions is provided with a resource against calamity." ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I announce that I am a World Book Night Giver! Woo Hoo! I have 25 copies of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier to give away. If you remember last year I did a little competition to give away the 5 books I was given. This year, I have 25 copies to distribute. 

World Book Night will be celebrated on Monday 23rd April. It is about spreading the lurve of reading great books. This is how I believe it's going to go: I pick up the books from a fabulous independent book shop called The Book Hive, you will have sent me your addresses via e-mail (you know where to find it), I will pack up and send you a copy of the book. You will need to go on-line and fill out some details to say you've got the book. You read. You enjoy. You find someone else who will appreciate it and they do the same, and so it goes. The idea is to reach out to the casual and light readers of the world. Get them to try something new that they wouldn't necessarily think to pick up in the first place.

Rebecca, starts with one of the best opening lines ever: Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again...

It is a book of many layers, without beating the reader over the head with it. Written with great control, it tells little and shows much. It is the Tale of the Other Woman or a ghost story or a traditional love-story or a feminist rant. What it isn't, is boring. The tension is sneakily built and you feel for this poor un-named heroine who is an innocent pawn in the centre of so many games.

So, let me know if you want a copy and it will be with you. Oh yes, and you know how it's World Book Night? Well, in my reality that 'World' means WORLD. I will post it to you wherever you are, it will mean slower because of the postage...but it will be with you. E-mail me darlings!


  1. FIRST!!!

    Me, please! Will email my address right now. Sounds very cool! You are a very generous woman, Roses. Are you okay with what it will cost to post a book to Canada? xoxoxo

  2. ponita ~ Yay! Of course I will post to Canada! I wouldn't have offered otherwise. It will take awhile to get to you, but it will be there!

  3. this is one of my most favorite books, sugar! my mama gave it to me as my very first REAL LEATHER BOUND book! *sigh* xoxoxoxox

  4. I will let someone else take one of the 25 copies because I have an unfair ability to get my hands on books in my work. (Plus, I was shocked at the cost of postage recently to send something to a friend in the UK!)

    But a super-cool thing you are doing -- I will try to pass the book along and fulfill the requirements even though I didn't get the book from you per se...


  5. savannah ~ oh how wonderful. You've once again proved why great books are the truest friends of all. Let me know your address and I will happily send a copy to you, to find someone who will be equally delighted with it.

    judy ~ I don't mind sending a copy to you. I can send it budget mail. But yes, do spread the love!

  6. Sounds like an interesting book for the girlies ;)

    Thought I'd pop over and check out your blog after our Twitter exchange.

    I will download your book suggestion to my fiances Kindle which I got her for Christmas.

  7. mark ~ ach, download be damned. I can walk across your copy when I get it and you can then spread the love. It's a classic. Not particularly a chick-romance.

  8. From Tim:

    Hi Roses, I've been trying to post comments on your blog, but the wv is indecipherable. Other people seem to have managed, so it's obviously my inadequacy (sp?). Anyway here's what |I meant to say:

    'What a great project, and a great reinforcement of the truth that physical objects outplay virtual any day. I won't be bidding, as it's already on my shelf - maybe I should go down the corner and offer it out? Hmm, don't think so- I wanna reread it!'

    Love, Tim xx

  9. tim ~ I could send you a copy, you can read it and then hand it out!

  10. This is a Great idea! I gave the exemplar I received from you last year to a friend in Hungary. I do not know whether he understood the concept or just politely took it as a wierd gift by a wierd friend. If you can sent Rebecca to me I would like to read it and then give it to another friend in Hamburg.

  11. mago ~ I adore you! So the book travelled to Hungary. Excellent. Of course I will send you another. But please e-mail me your address again. The death of my laptop means I've lost it. Boo.

  12. Ohhh any books left???

    Maybe I should offer to send out all my old books too? A sort of tat for tat offer??

  13. macy ~ are you kidding? I've got loads! I am going to struggle to give them all away.

  14. If the book offer still stands, I would like a copy please.

  15. lx ~ of course my darling. I won't get the books for awhile yet, but you're on my list!

  16. Oh Poo.... I just found the copy of last years book that you sent me... "Stuart... a life lived backwards" For World Book Night...
    I've read it... It left me feeling a little sad but also happy that in my past career I helped many a "Stuart" on a day to day basis which at times on reading some of the story got very close to the bone. Remembering similar scenario's that i'd been witness/party to... Particularly the dirty cups in the sink which did give me a giggle!

    Never the less... am I too late to complete last years task? Can I possibly be included in this years if it's not too late.
    This year I promise to try a lot harder...

  17. princess ~ it's never too late. Pass it on, and I'll add you to my list! Though you'll have to e-mail me your address again.

    I'm glad that Stuart touched you.

  18. princess ~ I checked! Where did you send it? hotmail, gmail or ntlworld?


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